Everything you need to know and watch from Comic-Con in one article.

It never ceases to disappoint and it always gets the geeks in a lather, let's check out all the big trailers and announcements to drop from Comic-Con this weekend.

San-Diego Comic-Con International banner hanging from the convention centre ceiling.

Marvel launch Phase 4

Marvel Studios have taken centre stage in Hall H under custodian Kevin Feige’s direction. Their panel dropped a whopping Phase 4 schedule the brings back some faves from Phase 3 and introduces a while new cast of characters.

Marvel Phase 4 film logos. Eternals, Blade, That Falcon and Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Loki, WandaVIsion, Shang-CHo, Thor, Doctor Strange, What If?

Marvel’s Phase 4 schedule:

May 1, 2020: Black Widow

Marvel’s most hard done by character! It’s about bloody time Natasha Romanov got her own film. Scarlett Johansson is of course going to be taking on the role however, there’s a possibility that fans may feel a little cheated by this one. Rumours suggest it will sit in between one the infinity saga but with the Widow’s fate a foregone conclusion will fans actually care? Supporting cast includes David Harbour, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz and Ray Winston.

Fall, 2020: Untitled (maybe Blade?)

What? No Wesley? You heard right Mahershala Ali has been announced as the daywalker when Marvel re-boot Blade and bring him into to the MCU. They’ve been pretty tight lipped on this one—could it be the first of two untitled films on the agenda?

Nov. 6, 2020: The Eternals movie

Jack Kirby’s Eternals should get the creationists tongues wagging when it comes out in November 2020. Featuring Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani in lead roles, they’ll be backed by director, Chloe Zhao. Salma Hayek and  Brian Tyree Henry have been announced as supporting cast.

Feb. 12, 2021: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Apparently this one is being filmed in Sydney and slated for a Chinese New Year release, so it looks like Marvel will maintain their chase for the Chinese Box Office dollar. Shang-Chi is a half-Chinese, half-American superhero well-versed in martial arts, including wushu. Shang will take on the Ten Rings crime syndicate, you might remember them from the Iron Man movies. Maybe we will see the real Mandarin? Shang-Chi will be played by newcomer Simu Liu.

Spring, 2021: WandaVision Disney Plus series

This one looks gross, as they expand on the Vision and Scarlett Witch thing. Apparently it takes place after Endgame so who knows how that is supposed to work?!?!

May 7, 2021: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel looks to be moving into the realm of horror for the new Doc Strange movie, which is very exciting. Benedict Cumberbatch will of course make it back as Stephen Strange and he’s joined by Elizabeth Olsen who will be playing Scarlet Witch. Scott Derrickson is back in the director’s chair. The fact that they are hinting at the multiverse again and combining it with madness sounds like it might be too good to be true, let’s hope not!

Spring, 2021: Loki Disney Plus series

He won’t stay dead but judging by the fan pop in Hall H we can’t get enough of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Please don’t butcher this character Marvel.

Summer, 2021: Untitled (Guardians, F4, Black Panther 2, Cap Marvel?)

No ideas for this but, there was so much stuff that wasn’t on the radar a lot of fans thought should be. We know that James Gunn is back in the stable for Guardians but it’s unlikely anything will happen with that until we know more about the next Thor movie, mentioned below. We know that Fantastic 4 needs redemption, Black Panther was one of the biggest Marvel films ever so we know they will want to cash in on that kitty at least one more time. Really, we don’t know anything about this one.

Fall, 2021: The Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney Plus series

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are on board as Sam and Bucky for this series. They’re also going to be joined by Daniel Bruhl’s character, Zemo who you may remember from Captain America, Civil War. Yay!

Nov. 5, 2021: Thor 4: Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi has either postponed or sacrificed his role as director of Akira to come back for this, so it better be good. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are back too and, much to everyone’s surprise, so is Natalie Portman to the franchise. The burning question is whether or not the hammer will deem Nat as worthy and we’ll end up with a lady Thor. Wouldn’t that raise some eyebrow’s? If anyone can do it Waititi can!

Hawkeye and What if?

No solid dates but there’s a Hawkeye TV series in the mix that looks like showing up in 2021. Jeremy Renner is down for the role too, which is great.

What If? looks to be their first animated series that’s going to go down the ‘elseworlds’ rabbit hole. It’s an anthology of hypothetical short stories that will explore alternate timelines. Narrated by Jeffrey Wright and featuring the voices of Michael B. Jordan, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Natalie Portman, Paul Rudd, Jeff Goldblum, Toby Jones, Michael Douglas, Haley Atwell, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Ruffalo.

Watch their entire panel here:

All the big trailers!

There’s so much it’s almost overwhelming. If you want a deeper experience, and the opportunity to comment and chat I strongly suggest you check out the Weekly Wrap Party, live every Friday night on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube.

It Chapter 2 – September 2019

It was the horror film of 2017 and we can’t wait for 5 September 2019 when we get to see Pennywise and the grown up version of the Loser’s Club go at it again.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – TBC

You know you want to. Can Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes bring the magic as Jay and Silent Bob one more time? It’s not the 90’s anymore fellas!

The Witcher – Fall (US) 2019

Henry Cavill drew some speculation as to whether or not he was the right guy for the job when it came to playing Geralt of Rivia. Well colour us intrigued as he looks totally badass in this badass teaser for the Netflix series based on the books and awesome video games. Let’s see if the gaming curse can lift for this one.

Terminator Dark Fate – October 2019

Can’t they just let this franchise die? People will be excited by Deadpool director Tim Miller helming this one. Under the guidance of James Cameron, Dark Fate sees the return of Linda Hamilton, as Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger as some old guy however, the timeline for this series is shot to hell.

Top Gun: Maverick – July 2020

There’s two types of people in this world, those who cried when Goose died and those who have moved on from this garbage. Will Top Gun: Maverick prove to be relevant in 2020?

His Dark Materials – Fall (US) 2019

BBC and HBO team up for this fantasy adventure story from author Phillip Pullman. Starring the excellent Jame McAvoy, this looks like a lot of fun.

21 Bridges – September 2019

The Russo Brothers have turned in their spandex and Infinity Gauntlet for NYPD cop drama and they are taking the Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, with them.

Batwoman – October 2019

I’m just gonna say it. CW DC series suck and this trailer proves it. Ruby Rose takes on the role of Batwoman in this series but it looks chintzy as all get out.

Westworld Season 3 – early 2020

The robots are on the loose as Aaron Paul joins the cast of this compelling and impressive HBO series. We can’t wait!

The Expanse Season 4 – December 2019

Thanks to a huge amount of fan support and lobbying Jeff Bezos—in spite of being cancelled by SyFy—The Expanse moves to its new home on Amazon Prime. A great story, that occasionally suffered from a small budget, this could become the best science fiction series in recent times. Catch up before season 4 drops at the end of 2019.

Picard – 2020

The fact that Amazon Prime have one of Star Trek’s greatest captains on board from 2020 is a big deal for Trekkies. You can only imagine the collective nerdgasm that could be heard from the halls of Comic-Con with this one. Clean up on aisle 3 – engage!

Watchmen – October 2019

Fans of the Citizen Kane of comics may find it hard to come to terms with the new series from HBO, which is set after the events of the book in what looks like a very fractured community. The nod to Rorschach is intriguing, Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias is compelling and the return of Dr Manhattan is well, interesting. We’ll find out in October if this is any good. Either way, we know that Alan Moore will hate it.

The Walking Dead Season 10 – October 2019

While some tire of zombies, The Walking Dead still has a loyal fan base. Danai Gurira has confirmed this will be her final season as Michonne. What does that mean for the character? Can The Walking Dead endure beyond this season as its popularity dwindles?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5B – August 2019

Currently on a mid-season break, Fear returns in just under a month. As above, so below. Can this franchise survive a 5th season? With news from Comic-Con that a third Walking Dead spinoff series in the works perhaps it might?

The Walking Dead Movie – TBC

As if all that wasn’t enough, Andrew Lincoln makes his return to the franchise as Rick Grimes in a feature length film. Oh yeah, milk that zombie for all it’s worth!

Carnival Row – August 2019

A victorian era fantasy that covers topics of immigration and race, except the refugees are Fairies or Fae and now they’re trying to live among the humans who invaded them. Looks interesting. Starring Orlando Bloom who plays a detective and Cara Delevigne who plays a fae runaway, at lease they wont need much makeup for her to achieve that look.

Preacher Season 4 – August 2019

Only a couple of weeks away, Preacher Season 4 will be the final season of this polarising show. Based on the comic by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon it’s a thrill ride of profanity and gore wrapped up in a nice blasphemous package. Bankrolled by Seth Rogan of all people, with a few others. Can’t wait for this one.

Arrow Season 8 – October 2019

Being one of the better CW DC shows wont unmake it a CW DC show. Can’t believe this one is still going.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – August 2019

This looks to be a true work of practical effects artistry. The Gelflings, the Skeksis, oh my! This ten episode series is actually going to be a prequel to the film and it has fans of the late, great Jim Henson trembling with anticipation. They wont have to wait much longer.

Cats – December 2019

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most famous musical gets the movie treatment just in time for Christmas. Which is great if you like musical films and being annoyed by James Cordon.

Won’t someone think of the artists?!?!

Incredible cosplay aside, that my friends is absolutely everything I could scrounge that is worth looking at from these distant shores. One day I’ll make it to a Sam Diego Comic-Con.

After going through this, spare a thought for the comic book artists who are probably sitting at a table in the back of the convention centre gathering cobwebs and dust while all films and tv shows take centre stage (at COMIC-Con).

Ugh what the hell… Here’s come cosplay too courtesy of That Cosplay Life on YouTube:

What are you looking forward to the most? Leave a comment below.

3 Comments on Everything you need to know and watch from Comic-Con in one article.

  1. Nice overview, and plenty of stuff to get excited about 😊 It might be a good idea to subscribe to Disney+ after all lol 😂 As for the Walking Dead, well…still a very loyal fan here, so I say bring it on😊
    The Expanse is one heck of an underrated show. I love the books, and they have done a good job with the show😊 Thanks for bringing all the goodness together in one article! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks mate… it’s been an odyssey putting it all together. I’m tempted to look at The Walking Dead again after falling out with that show for a while. 😊 Great to have you back here mate, always appreciate your comments and support.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, yeah I imagine that this has definitely been quite a chore to put it all together. All I can say is job well done 😊
        The Walking Dead’s ninth season is certainly a return to form. The new showrunner Angela Kang has certainly been knocking it all out of the ballpark, that’s for sure 😊
        It’s great to be back, thank you! 😊

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