Netflix’s You, the terror is in the tweets

With the internet completely overreacting as to how terrifying every thriller that is released seems to be and idiots running around in blind folds trying to do the Bird Box challenge, was I entirely ready to binge watch 10 episodes of their new stalker/thriller/drama You?

Close up of Joe Goldberg with a montage of Beck's social media images overlayed

Not really but watch I did anyways.

Watch the video:

Listen to the podcast:


Was it any good? Yes.

Did it as (one mainstream reviewer suggested) ‘leave me unable to sleep’?

Absolutely not!

Although the always hysterical twitterverse would have you believe otherwise.

“binge watched the entire first series of you and it’s put me off social media, men, going outside, talking to anyone, men, socialising, men, going to book stores and of course men #YouNetflix”

“Just finished watching #YouNeflix .. everyone needs to watch it, then never talk to the opposite sex again and delete all forms of social media (forlorn emoji, mind blown emoji) #addictive”

“Bitch is anyone watching #YOU on netflix wtfffffff put ur shit on private delete ur social media lock your doors.”

“Forget Birdbox. #YouNetflix is far more terrifying. Every woman knows a Joe.”

Who made it?

Developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble the first season of You is based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes. Originally aired on the lifetime network in the US, thankfully Netflix have grabbed it with both hands and given it to the rest of the world.

A lot of critics have pegged it as a psychological thriller but there seems to be a little more to You than that. This is thanks to some complex characters and a layered plot that ducks and weaves through 10 compelling episodes. Well maybe 8 compelling episodes and two they could have perhaps condensed into one.

What’s it about?

The story is about a charming New York bookstore manager named Joe who meets a young writing student named Beck and instantly crushes on her. Things escalate pretty quickly in Joe’s mind as his crush turns into obsession and he begins to stalk her. In doing so he ruthlessly uses anything he can get his hands on to find out information about Beck to gain an angle and weave himself into her life. If anything it’s a cautionary tale about why you should run a privacy checkup on your social media accounts and buy some curtains for your house.

It realty bugged me that Beck lived in a street level apartment and didn’t have any goddamned curtains. Curtains are important girls, it keeps people from looking in and wanking while they watch you get changed.

Joe has to navigate his way through douchebag boyfriends, over protective best friends, student life and Beck’s own skeletons from her past to fulfil his ultimate goal of having her fall in love with him. He’s also keeping an eye out for his neighbour’s kid Paco, who spends a lot of time reading books that Joe gives him as an escape from his abusive household. Joe almost comes across as a nice guy. Almost.

But he’s not. There’s a lot to this, and as the story unfolds you look at all the characters from different angles.

Who’s in it?

The cast are excellent. Elizabeth Lail really good as Beck, smart yet vulnerable and does a great job at putting across why Joe would zero in on her as his object of obsession. Luca Padovan is great as the young boy Paco, who’s innocence is being destoryed because of his home life. Zach Cherry is good as Joe’s co-worker Ethan and adds some light to the dark undertones that run through this story. Hari Nef, only makes a brief appearance as Blythe but is a highlight every time she pops up. Shay Mitchell is amazing as the highbrow possessive friend Peach Salinger, of the JD Salinger, catcher in the Rye Family. John Stamos makes a fun appearance as psychologist Dr Nicky and there are loads of other cast members that all fit this show really well.

The lynch pin is Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, our resident creeper. His narration throughout puts you inside his head and his portrayal of the character really makes everything stick. It also makes you question your allegiances, can you really be taking the side of the protagonist who is doing all these terrible things?

Well, again, a bunch of chicks in the Twitterverse seem to think so:

“Am I the only one who kinda wishes Joe Goldberg was stalking me #you”

“Anyone else rooting for this deranged psychopath? Why am I like this #you”

“Did anyone else get a little jealous watching “YOU” and kinda sorta maybe wish they had a stalker like Joe? He did so much for Becks and she didn’t even notice (eye roll emoji) #YouNetflix”

What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

At least one person was making sense:

“I’m watching #you and sorry but like why the fuck does she not have any curtains”

I’ve never watched a single episode of Gossip Girl, In case you didn’t notice I’m not a gossip girl guy, but a lot of people have been comparing this to that.

The verdict

What I will say is that You is a fresh take on a psychological thriller slash drama series that has a lot of appeal. I had a great time watching this one with my better half and it’s always really cool when there’s a TV show that you can binge together.

Guys, will enjoy hating on Joe, girls will enjoy hating on Beck and her friends, everyone will enjoy hating on Beck’s bad decisions and everyone will try and hopefully fail to reconcile Joe’s good guy exterior with his inner sociopath.

If you liked Dexter or Gossip Girl, you’re probably gonna dig this. If you want a series with some really well written characters, like watching things crescendo to a gripping conclusion, this is for you. It probably could have been about two episodes shorter but You was an easy binge and a damn good time. It’s been amusing and a little bit alarming seeing what others have been saying about it too.


What do you think?

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