Cosplayers save the day at OzComicCon 2018

Let's face it, without cosplayers all of these 'cons would lack a certain je ne sais quoi. Thankfully they turned out in force at Sydney's OzComicCon 2018.

A series of Character in Coslpay ranign from Batman to Spidermand and Wonder Woman set in front of the Sydney Skyline

There’s something special about cosplayers. They are people who throw caution to the wind in an act of self expression and fandom above and beyond that of Joe public.

When you go to an event like this you can pay for autographs and photos with celebrity guests, talk to some amazing artists and writers, attend panels, play games and buy comics and merch.

The one thing you can’t buy though, because it kind of just magically happens, is the escapism you experience being inside a room packed with cosplayers. They are the true heroes of the ‘con!

Many thanks to the organisers for letting the little guys like me come along for the ride.

Watch the video to see some cosplay highlights:

2 Comments on Cosplayers save the day at OzComicCon 2018

  1. Great video. It’s amazing how many skilled people are out there, especially loved the Batman and Catwoman costumes. Looks like it was an amazing con 😊


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