Weekly Wrap Party

Image of a film reel ovelayed with some tankards of beer and the title 'The Watchman's Weekly Wrap Party

Grab a beer and join me for the Weekly Wrap Party. Check out the latest trailers and talk about the week in movies. Streaming LIVE and uncut on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. Follow or subscribe on any of these channels and you won’t miss an episode.

Watch live here.


Check out past episodes:

3 Comments on Weekly Wrap Party

  1. And…I can’t watch the video because it’s blocked in my country. Gotta love living in Holland at times. Oh well..can’t win them all I guess 😊


    • That’s incredibly annoying. I am finding that YouTube are pretty vigilant with copyright, almost excessive, and I appreciate why. It’s definitely important to err on the side of the content owner. However, it’s a little frustrating when I am clearly giving comment and playing by the rules of fair dealing/fair use. If you go to the channel itself, not all eps are blocked, plus you can also access on Twitch if you are having problems.

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      • Yeah true…there are so many things at times where I wonder what the point is fo blocking it for other countries. Holland really has much things we can’t access, but I hear it’s even worse in some other countries. Oh well…as I said: can’t win them all. Thanks for the link 😀


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