Deadpool 2 – can you love a dumpster fire?

A bigger budget and a flashy director does not necessarily mean a better movie.

Deadpool making a heart shape with his hands

When Marvel decided to buckle to the demand of fans and finally make the Deadpool movie everyone wanted, we were elated. And by the time we got to the end of the relatively smaller budget superhero flick, we were all hungry for more.

*WARNING – this one has a very minor spoiler*

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The first Deadpool movie cost $58 million. By comparison Iron Man cost $140 million and the recent Avengers Infinity War cost between $300 – $400 million. The first Deadpool movie made about $783 million globally. So in spite of the fact it was banned in China, which is growing to be one of the biggest movie markets in the world, Deadpool is a license to print money. Marvel would of course be happy to oblige with a sequel.

With double the budget and the high bar set by the first movie, Deadpool 2 will make it’s money back, and then some, before the end of the opening weekend. He’s also recently been allowed back into China.

Deadpool 2 is the perfect antidote for the post Infinity War blues, and keeps the Marvel juggernaut rolling along. However, a bigger budget does not necessarily mean a better movie. In fact Deadpool 2’s story is all over the shop, which is part of it’s charm but is also kind of frustrating.

The creators

Writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds have put together a dog’s breakfast of a script that has been brought to life by director David Leitch, who you might recognize as the guy behind John Wick, the guy knows how to put an action movie together. The problem is, Deadpool dances around being an acromcomfamdramscifisuperidunnowhatfuckitwantstobe film.

And, while that sounds like a criticism, I actually didn’t really mind. It’s very Deadpool.

The story

The story, without spoiling anything, is that Deadpool has made a fatal mistake in the first act that sees him trying to get back on his feet and redeem himself throughout the rest of the film. This results in him having to save a kid, who happens to be a mutant with some pretty dangerous abilities, from being hunted by a time travelling cybernetically augmented dude named Cable.

The cast

The cast is decent. Josh Brolin comes in after playing Thanos in Infinity War and takes up the role of Cable perfectly. Morena Baccarin is back as Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa. Zazie Beetz is excellent as Domino. Terry Crews drops in as Bedlam and Bill Skarsgard who you might remember as Pennywise steps in as Zeitgeist.

Last chance: Minor spoiler ahead!

Spoiler Alert Banner

There’s also some great and hilarious cameos, for example Brad Pitt as Vanisher, who is invisible for almost the entire film until one “blink and you’ll miss him” moment.

The only cast member I had a problem with was Julian Dennison as the mutant kid Russell. You might recognize him from Hunt For The Wilderpeople, which he was brilliant in but his character and acting style just doesn’t really work here. I don’t know that it’s necessarily his fault, I just feel like his part wasn’t really fleshed out for him. As a result, he comes across as pretty annoying.

But really, none of the character’s parts are completely fleshed out. This movie is all about Deadpool. And because they focus so much on Deadpool they seem to miss some really good opportunities to build on other characters, especially Cable. I mean Cable is a time traveler who has come back to prevent the death of his family and while Josh Brolin does really well with the character, it’s like we barely get to know him. Maybe we don’t want to? I mean at the risk of offending a lot of X-Force fans, I always thought X-Force was a bit shit.

The verdict

Like I said, it’s all over the place, and while focusing on the one character does take away from a lot of it—because the story is basically garbage—the movie is redeemed by Ryan Reynolds’ charming portrayal of the character. Plus, even in the darkest moments, it’s got jokes. Not all of them hit the mark but the ones they do land are awesome, and every time they break that fourth wall you feel like you’re a very special part of the comedy.

The final act of this movie is definitely the best and the post credit scenes are so hilarious they’re worth the price of admission alone.

I’m confused about Deadpool, it was funny, it had some great action scenes, but the plot, and the treatment of some of the characters made it a hot mess. Which is just the way he would want it.


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