Avengers Infinity War – success thanks to one character

The futility of being one in a bazillion reviewers tackling Avengers Infinity War is not lost on me. So what’s going to make you any wiser spending the next few minutes taking in my words over someone else?

Avengers Infinity War artwork featuring Thanos in the centre surrounded by the Avengers.

The only point of difference I started with was that I’m about a week later than everyone else with a review. Two weeks if you’re mainstream media, so I guess I’ve had the advantage of more time to think about it than the others.

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In doing that I’ve seen how kind the Internet can be when a new film comes out when it comes to spoilers. But, as the week went on I noticed the headlines really started to dip into dangerous territory. So much so that by the end of the week, I was wondering if I really wanted to waste my money or just wait until I could rent it.

I did some research and based on a variety of sources, the standard spoiler etiquette seems to be 48 hours for TV shows and a Week for movies. Now from my own experience, I’ve pissed off numerous people outside of those timeframes so I wouldn’t take any of this as a hard and fast guide. I’m still kicking myself about Rogue One, Rob!

The rules

The only rule I would apply to spoilers is, don’t be a dick.

Don’t open a post with a spoiler, don’t write a headline with a spoiler in it and don’t post an image or a gif that’s going to give any pivotal moments away.

Especially if you’re going to talk about or review a movie that has been building over the course of ten fucking years and 18 fucking films. Don’t be a dick.

Now the biggest dicks for spoilers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are often the cast.

The most prolific offender would be The Hulk! In two interviews over a year ago Mark Ruffalo pretty much gave away the ending of Avengers Infinity War entirely. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and you look that up, you’re an idiot, don’t do it. I’m surprised Stan Lee didn’t put a hit out on him.

Even so there are that many big moments in Avengers Infinity War, you’re bound to still find a few surprises if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s jam packed with Easter Eggs and cross-references to previous films, which is a nice payoff for anyone who stuck with these movies the entire time.

If you didn’t though, and you’ve strayed from superhero genre (because you think it’s become some kind of noxious weed that is taking all the sunlight and nutrients out of the metaphorical soil for other more artistic films) then cheer up snowflake, this may be the one to re-ignite your fire.

Who made it?

Directors The Russo Brothers have been around the Marvel cinemascape for some time now and, with Captain America – The First Avenger and Civil War under their belts, they’re well placed to handle this. Infinity War is by far their best outing.

It’s swollen with characters. All of them (almost) from the entire back catalogue are here with the exception of Hawkeye and Ant Man, for reasons unknown as yet (although wait for some more cast interviews and we’re bound to find out).

Thankfully all of these heroes have had 18 other films to develop their characters so the only real character they focus on fleshing out a little more is Thanos. He is amazing.

Josh Brolin has inhabited this character so well and, with only minor appearances and teasers over a decade, he finally blasts into the foreground with maximum impact. He is everything you would expect and more. He’s not just some one-dimensional bad guy who bashes everyone in his path, he’s got layers and a complexity to him that almost leads you to sympathise with his quest.

The story

Thanos has been patiently waiting for his moment to strike, he has a weapon called the Infinity Gauntlet, which is activated by the 6 infinity stones. Mind, power, reality, space, time and soul. If he gets it going he can carry out his plan of wiping out half the population of the universe, which he believes is a public service that will lead to the other half thriving.

A few of those stones are on earth and the Avengers have to stop him.

The plot is pretty simple but there’s a lot of stuff going on through the two and a half hour runtime of this movie. It’s through Thanos however, that the Russos keep the story on the rails for the most part. There is a side quest involving Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy that almost takes it off course but it’s a non-issue because there’s nothing to really hate when you’ve got Chris Hemsworth, a talking racoon and an adolescent tree-beast eating up the screen.

A word of advice to the noobs

The only advice I would give to people who aren’t familiar with Marvel movies, is don’t start with this one. You’ll have no idea what the fuck is going on.

To get a foothold you’ll need to watch (at an absolute minimum) Iron Man, the first two Avengers Movies, Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange, Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther.

The verdict

There was a lot riding on this film, and I honestly thought that it was going to crumble under the hype, but thanks to the Russo Brothers and Thanos (who I think will be added to the shortlist of greatest movie villains of all time) it doesn’t.

It’s bleak in parts, funny in others, full of action and packed with surprises that hopefully won’t be spoiled by the time you get to see it.


What do you think?

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