Ten Christmas flicks that don’t suck

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Especially once you’ve dispensed with the formalities, the dishwasher is stacked and you can relax with a gutful of Christmas cheer, possibly with one of the movies listed below.

The crew from Rare Exports posing with shotguns in front of a caged Santa

 10 Gremlins

Harking back to a time when kids were allowed to be scared by movies, Gremlins is still a bunch of fun. Beware the bank scene though, where Phoebe Cates blows Santa’s cover in what could possibly be the most spiteful thing Joe Dante, Chris Columbus and Steven Speilberg have ever done.

 9 Trading Places

Dan Ackroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy in their prime. A couple of evil old bankers get what’s coming to them Murphy goes from rags to riches and Ackroyd the opposite. It’s a hoot.

8 Tokyo Godfathers

I did not expect to have an anime on this list but Tokyo Godfathers is sublime. Three homeless people, Middle-aged has-been Gin, aging transvestite Hana, and teenage runaway Miyuki discover an abandoned baby and try to track down the child’s mother. Heartwarming and surprisingly funny. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I really loathe musicals but this is probably the one exception and that is purely because of how wonderfully dark and incredible this films looks. Tim Burton has such a unique style as a director and it really shines through in this movie.

Batman Returns

As far as Tim Burton films go I like this one over The Nightmare Before Christmas mainly because it’s not a musical but also because it’s bleak and very different, and because, well, Batman!

Bad Santa

Dark, rude, offensive and a welcome escape from Christmas cheer for those of us who may have had our fill over the season. Billy Bob Thorton is awful in the best possible way. In a time where political correctness is everywhere, this is a beacon of hope for nasty folk!

Die Hard

I know it’s become tired to mention Die Hard as a Christmas movie. That was funny about ten years ago, but it is still a really good movie and it’s become a tradition to watch this in my household at Christmas time.

Arthur Christmas

I’m not a total monster, I love watching this movie with my son and Aardman’s take on the science of Santa is a lot of fun.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

A festive mainstay in my household. Christmas isn’t complete with out one viewing of this comedy classic.

1 Rare Exports

A piece of foreign gold and possibly my best favorite on this list. An irreverent, funny and bizarre take on Santa Claus.


4 Comments on Ten Christmas flicks that don’t suck

  1. Great list. I have seen Tokyo Godfathers pop up quite a number of times this week. I haven’t seen it myself but I really want to see it after reading so many good things about it this week 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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