Ten Christmas flicks that don’t suck

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Especially once you’ve dispensed with the formalities, the dishwasher is stacked and you can relax with a gutful of Christmas cheer, possibly with one of the movies listed below.

The crew from Rare Exports posing with shotguns in front of a caged Santa

 10 Gremlins

Harking back to a time when kids were allowed to be scared by movies, Gremlins is still a bunch of fun. Beware the bank scene though, where Phoebe Cates blows Santa’s cover in what could possibly be the most spiteful thing Steven Speilberg has ever done.

 9 Trading Places

Dan Ackroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy in their prime. A couple of evil old bankers get what’s coming to them Murphy goes from rags to riches and Ackroyd the opposite. It’s a hoot.

8 Tokyo Godfathers

I did not expect to have an anime on this list but Tokyo Godfathers is sublime. Three homeless people, Middle-aged has-been Gin, aging transvestite Hana, and teenage runaway Miyuki discover an abandoned baby and try to track down the child’s mother. Heartwarming and surprisingly funny. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I really loathe musicals but this is probably the one exception and that is purely because of how wonderfully dark and incredible this films looks. Tim Burton has such a unique style as a director and it really shines through in this movie.

Batman Returns

As far as Tim Burton films go I like this one over The Nightmare Before Christmas mainly because it’s not a musical but also because it’s bleak and very different, and because, well, Batman!

Bad Santa

Dark, rude, offensive and a welcome escape from Christmas cheer for those of us who may have had our fill over the season. Billy Bob Thorton is awful in the best possible way. In a time where political correctness is everywhere, this is a beacon of hope for nasty folk!

Die Hard

I know it’s become tired to mention Die Hard as a Christmas movie. That was funny about ten years ago, but it is still a really good movie and it’s become a tradition to watch this in my household at Christmas time.

Arthur Christmas

I’m not a total monster, I love watching this movie with my son and Aardman’s take on the science of Santa is a lot of fun.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

A festive mainstay in my household. Christmas isn’t complete with out one viewing of this comedy classic.

1 Rare Exports

A piece of foreign gold and possibly my best favorite on this list. An irreverent, funny and bizarre take on Santa Claus.


4 Comments on Ten Christmas flicks that don’t suck

  1. Great list. I have seen Tokyo Godfathers pop up quite a number of times this week. I haven’t seen it myself but I really want to see it after reading so many good things about it this week 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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