Star Trek: Discovery – is it just a big pile of ship?

Star Trek: Discovery has some very mixed reviews. There's a lot of hate among the serious side of the Trekkies, but if you're an entry level Trekker, or just looking for a new show to watch, you might want to consider this review.

An angry Klingon

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I’m very much a casual Star Trek viewer, far from the diehard fan who dresses their family in uniforms, learns how to speak Klingon and have several restraining orders out against them from terrified cast members who they’ve harrassed at conventions. Probably due to chatting them up with the old, you would not survive a Klingon mating ritual line.

I can take it or leave it. I like the original series, I think it is a load of fun, I’ve dabbled in a few eps of The Next Generation, watched some Deep Space Nine, seen a lot of Voyager and enjoyed the rebooted movies—although the latest one was a bit rubbish.

So if you are a Die hard Trekkie, you’ve probably switched off by now because you’ve deemed me not qualified enough to to even grace your presence with this review or because I’m not using the preferred term… Do you prefer Trekker? Is that the more civil, starfleet approved term? Or is it Niner?

The struggle is real for you guys, I know.

Old school TV

Star Trek Discovery is the first Trek series to have graced our small screens in some time (12 years in fact) and it’s pretty cool that it’s come to Netflix for us all to enjoy.

It’s also pretty cool that we’re getting episodes weekly as opposed to a full season to binge. There’s two sides to that argument but I think there is more at stake when TV is delivered on a weekly basis. It seems to change the writing in that every scene has more urgency to it. It’s more old school I guess, where each episode is crafted to pull you to the next big moment and leave you eagerly awaiting next week’s episode.

Weekly episodes are an event.

Being presented with a full season has its merits too, but I’m keen to have a certain night of the week to look forward to when a new show comes out. I thought it worked really well for Game of Thrones, for example.

Like I said, old school. And I think that’s where Star Trek discovery is going to succeed. It oozes that old school sensibilities of the original series, without the preposterous story lines. For now anyway.

For the newcomers and casuals, Discovery is not a continuation from that which has gone before. It’s set approximately 10 years before the original series in the timeline, almost 90 years after Enterprise and over 100 years before The Next Generation. So it’s earlier than you think and it means they’ve got a lot of canon they need to write around to maintain the integrity of some of what has happened before, but mostly what occurs after.

It also means that the Trekkers are getting tripped up on the little details, like uniform and ship design to slight hiccups in the timeline. And if that’s gonna hold you back, that’s just dumb. I can tell you why in one word. Threshold.

Threshold was an episode of Voyager that saw them trying to achieve the impossible speed of warp ten, with dire consequences. Long story short, they break the trans warp barrier, the captain and her first officer devolve into amphibians, mate and have babies. Trust me, it’s a black spot in the canon. And a great argument for you to get the fuck over it because all of this is fiction and open to however the current creators of the current series want to spin it. Star Trek owes you nothing.

With that said I think creators Brian Fuller of American Gods fame and Alex Kurtzman who has worked a producer on the recent Star Trek movies have done a great job so far introducing us to this new Star Trek series.

What’s it about?

The first couple of episodes of Discovery kick of with the USS Shenzhou out on the edge of federation space investigating a faulty beacon or some shit. But instead of focusing on the entire crew as so many versions of Star Trek before it, this focuses mainly on one character. MIchael Burman, first officer of the Shenzhou played by the Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin Green. And I have to say she has taken to the role like a duck to water, she does the Star Trek thing very well, in this casual outsiders opinion. She’s got the whole starfleet posture and dialogue down pat. She’s joined by Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou and Hellboy’s Doug Jones, in yet another creature costume as Leitenant Saru, from an alien species called the Kelpien. Saru is definitely the light to Burnham’s shade in the opening two episodes.

Everything goes to shit when the Shenzhou interrupts the Klingons who are conducting some kind of ritual and a huge stand off takes place. One of the house leaders T’Kuvma, played menacingly by Chris Obi, who you might know as Anubis in American Gods, has a bit of a problem with the Shenzhou showing up and interrupting whatever the hell he’s up to out there. The alarm is raised and we get an intense standoff with the between the Klingons and the Federation.

Another notable character that shows up is Spock’s dad Sarek, played this time around by James Frain who you might recognise from Tron: Legacy. He brings authenticity to a character that has been well established in Star Trek canon and I think most fans would agree that he does a great job. I don’t want to say too much about his role in the early episodes because I don’t want to spoil but implanting him in this series certainly helps with the overall continuity.

The verdict

It’s hard to rate something that has only just come out and we’re yet to see where the story goes, but for me it’s got me interested in watching a Star Trek series again, which is pretty great.

The set design, special effects and writing are all top notch and those Klingons really steal the show in the early stages, they look like something out of the Hellraiser movies, sound amazing and are generally fucking terrifying.

I really enjoyed the first two episodes—it had the right balance of action and drama, but It’s only really setting the scene for a much larger series— it played out more like a telemovie and you don’t even see the Discovery let alone get introduced to the crew.

If you’re baulking at watching a Star Trek series because, well it’s Star Trek, I’d say give it a go. Based on the opening act of what I’m tipping will be a pretty long series—Star Trek Discovery feels a bit like this franchise’s version of Rogue One, I know how much that statement might piss Trekkies off, live long and use the force—I’m giving the opening act a four out of five. And I’m looking forward to seeing more of what this series has to offer.


4 Comments on Star Trek: Discovery – is it just a big pile of ship?

  1. I really love Star Trek. I own every single episode of Star Trek on dvd, including all the movies, so I guess I can call myself a trekkie, or trekker or whatever. Foremost though I love science fiction, and I’m not one to simply quit watching something because it is different from the original source material. I thought this show was pretty cool myself. Sure it’s not the same as the old Star Trek, but it’s not bad, and it certainly has potential. I will definitely continue watching this. Great post! 😊


    • Yeah, I really liked the show and was pretty shocked at some of the outrage it has caused Among the purists. We get a new episode tonight too and I’ll definitely be watching! So maybe I’m becoming one too! 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks very much for a balanced review of Star Trek Discovery.
    I am a ‘Die Hard Trekkie’, and I like the new show. Unless you are petty, then it does not matter if you are a casual or hard-core fan; keep your mind open and you will enjoy the show.

    A lot of fans are using the Cardassian justice template for their opinions (this is where on Cardassia you are automatically guilty and the court is there to prove your guilt). Even before the show aired, some fans hated the show and cannot watch the show to enjoy it, they are watching to hate it.

    There has always been negative response from certain fans for all new Trek shows from TNG onwards.


    • Hi Christopher! Thanks for taking the time to comment, it means a lot to me after the work I put into this little one man show. And cheers for dropping by the Facebook page too.

      I totally agree, an open mind will get you through, and you’ll definitely enjoy the show. I’ve also been impressed by the visuals, I think it’s the best looking Star Trek ever!

      Sadly I think the Cardassian style of justice is pretty pervasive in these days of internet fuelled outrage. Not to be mistaken for Kardashian justice where you’re essentially lobotomised by vapid reality programming and relegated to watching shows completely devoid of any art!

      Apologies for the Trekkie references throughout, in all honesty I am very much in awe of the dedication to something that really has stood the test of time and is quite brilliant in not only the world of sci fi, but television and film in general! 😊👍🏻


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