5 tasty television trailers taking Comic-Con by storm

The streaming revolution in television has seen a huge comeback in original programming, with action and drama series aplenty driving nails into the coffin of reality TV. Not before time either. Check out some of the highlights coming soon courtesy of Comic-Con.

Montage of promo images from top 5 TV shows

Star Trek Discovery

Science Fiction is back in a big way so it only seems fitting that Star Trek weighs in. I’m in two minds about this but I have to say the trailer looks damn good.


Superman meets Game of Thrones in an origin story that looks way more interesting than Smallville. I’m very interested in how this turns out, then again, we already know what happens to the Kryptonians so why go there in the first place?


I enjoyed this show so much I binged all four seasons in a week. I have to say though, I found the last season harder to get through after a key character met their end. I am invested however and very keen to see how they wrap it all up.

Stranger Things Season 2

Netflix’s breakout hit had everyone wanting more. I don’t think I’ve binged a TV series faster than season one of Stranger Things and I am really excited as to where they take this.

Westworld Season 2

By far this reviewer’s favourite show of last year. The sooner it is back on our screens the better. The final episode of season one had me swinging from the rafters. Again, very exited to see where this goes.

There’s loads more shows being pushed at Comic Con. Other series of interest include Marvel’s The Defenders and against my better judgement The Walking Dead. I’m still mad with The Walking Dead though, but I live in hope that the writers have heard the outcry form the fans because the trailer for the new season certainly has me reconsidering.

What were the standouts for you? What did I miss and what can you recommend? Leave a comment below.




2 Comments on 5 tasty television trailers taking Comic-Con by storm

  1. Oh man…I posted the trailer forvStranger Things season 2 over on my own blog this morning, just could not contain my excitement for it. Simply briljant.
    I saw an earlier trailer for Star Trek Discovery, and it failed to impress me, but this trailer looks way better. Now I am getting excited for it indeed. And it’s closing in, september is only a few months away 😊

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