5 feverish film trailers from Comic-Con

Back in the day, trailers were the time you would take a leak before the main feature or something you fast forward through on the VHS. Now they're big business and the biggest platform to launch is Comic-Con. Here's my top five:

Montage of images from 5 film trailers from Comic Con

Pacific Rim: Uprising

I loved the first Pacific Rim, it was big dumb fun with some awful Australian accents and some rad Kaiju’s.

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Part One was fantastic, albeit slightly overlooked and perhaps (some would say) ruined by Samuel L Jackson. This looks like more of the same sans SLJ.

The Shape of Water

I am a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro and this looks a return to his quirky best. Although there are some striking resemblances to Abe Sapien from Hellboy in this film. Is this supposed to be an origins story or a remix? What are you up to Guillermo?

Thor Ragnarok

It’s Comic Con people, there’s gonna be some superhero stuff here, it’s unavoidable. I find the Thor movies some of the most enjoyable out of the Marvel stable. This looks like it could be the best Thor movie yet too, especially with Taika Waititi taking on director duties, smart move Marvel!

Justice League

Even though DC’s attempt to catch up to Marvel at the movies, I’ve always taken more of a shine to their character. I mean, they have Batman! So while their foray thus far has been a bit of a train wreck, I’m ken to see what they do here.


Obviously this is not a definitive list but definitely my favourites of what I have seen so far. Honourable mentions would have to go to Netflix’s Bright, starring Will Smith, Brigsby Bear written by and starring Kyle Mooney and Triple Threat starring Tony Jaa and Tiger Long Fei.

What have you seen and what has you keen for more?

2 Comments on 5 feverish film trailers from Comic-Con

  1. Pacific Rim is one of my guilty pleasure movies. I absolutely loved it. This teaser certainly got my blood flowing again, but it ofcourse doesn’t really show us anything yet. I have to say that Justice League looks pretty good too. Hopefully it will live up to the trailer.

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