Neill Blomkamp wants you to sow his wild Oats

Neill Blomkamp is probably one of the most exciting filmmakers in science fiction today, his latest outing is his most ambitious and innovative yet and he needs the audience to get involved!

Sigourney Weaver pointing a pistol

Blomkamp’s Oats Studios make experimental short films and they are VERY good. He has funded a playground whereby he can create his own stuff by his own rules and while everyone got excited by the hype around him putting his hands on the Alien franchise THIS seems infinitely cooler.

Blomkamp’s background is in visual effects and 3d graphics, he’s big on gaming culture and he’s big on interacting with his audience. He grew up with the same games and movies a lot of us fat 40 something man children did and he gets us.

He’s trying to build a relationship with his audience that is going to fuel further creativity and potentially identify collaborators. He’s reaching out to his audience and who knows where this ends up? Making assets available to a community to remix, mash up or even mod his content.

Because this is what filmmaking needs, something original and exciting. Similar to Weta and the path Peter Jackson took before he broke. There’s something so right about Blomkamp and his approach with Oats Studios.

His work with Oats is science fucking fiction splatter awesomeness that harks back to the days when special effects artists like Tom Savini and Stan Winston owned the craft with practical effects and were cutting edge. It has me frothing! I can’t lie!

It’s like the live action equivalent of a 2000AD comic where the audience helps drive the content creation.

The first film Rakka, stars Sigourney Weaver, in my opinion the undisputed queen of sci-fi, and is about an alien takeover of Earth, it is amazing!

The second short, Firebase, is Vietnam war era sci-fi gorefest! Oh my!

Get onto it and support it. By the looks of things, there’s loads more to come.

You can find more about it here:

2 Comments on Neill Blomkamp wants you to sow his wild Oats

  1. Neil Blomkamp is such a terrific director. Was really sad to read his Alien 5 project is no more, but who knows, maybe one day he will still finish it somehow. Will definitely watch the full two videos soon. Just saw the opening two minutes of the first one, and it looks seriously amazing. Thanks for sharing these 😀

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    • No worries. A good friend put me onto it last week and I really should have paid closer attention when Rakka came out. He’s gathering a lot of momentum now that Firebase has been released and it is great to see, my only concern is he risks making it too niche and inaccessible by only catering to tech heads (he’s currently tweeting about making his next release ‘Zygote’ only available on steam). I can’t fathom why he would want to limit his audience but I guess he is still working out his business model as far as how all this becomes profitable. Either way, it’s very exciting to watch!

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