Wonder Woman – she’s just a Gal living in captivity

Straight off the bat I’m pissed off about Wonder Woman, not because I didn’t want to see it or anything but because of the ridiculous press it is receiving.

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Here’s an example of some of the headlines:

“Wonder Woman is the feminist hero we’ve been waiting for.”

“At ‘Wonder Woman’ Premiere, Forget girl power. It’s about gender equality.”

“How Wonder Woman ignores Black Women – Black Feminism and Wonder Woman.”

“Why Wonder Woman’s Feminist Ideology is no mistake.” 

“Fragile Feminists Denounce Wonder Woman, Praise Hilary & Kathy.”

“Why Wonder Woman is masterpiece of subversive feminism.”

“Unfortunately not all women can see Wonder Woman as their feminist hero.”

“I wish Wonder Woman were as feminist as it thinks it is.”

“Wonder Woman’s Feminsim is as Strong as hell but it’s not intersectional.”

For fuck’s sake… It’s just a movie. And a pretty good one at that. If a little girl or boy finds a hero in Wonder Woman the same way I did when I was a kid with Batman or Han Solo or Indiana Jones that’s awesome.

Now, I’m a privileged white male, sorry about that guys, not my fault.

Wonder woman was also created by a fellow privileged white male and from what I’ve read he was a bit of a dick. Excuse the pun.

William Marston was an acclaimed psychologist who invented the lie detector, he was also a polygamist who lived with two wives, one of which was Olive Byrne, who happened to be the niece of Margaret Sanger only was arguably one of the most important feminists of the 20th century Margaret was an activist, sex educator and pioneer for birth control in the united states and was arrested for distributing information on contraception among other things. So you know, there’s one degree of separation.

And while Marston himself campaigned for equal rights for women he was happy to indulge in a couple of wives at the same time and was even more content in depicting women chained up in his stories and was quite graphic with his instructions on how he wanted the artist to do so.

He’s even been quoted as saying, “The secret of a woman’s allure, is that women enjoy submission – being bound”

So can we just drop the fucking political narratives around this movie? Whether it be feminist, racial, or whatever else. It’s a goddamn comic book movie.

And like I said before a pretty good one.

But like all the latest hero movies there’s nothing new here, we know there going to be some character development, we know that there’s going to be some great fight scenes, there’ll be triumph, followed by tragedy and a big boss fight at the end. Right? No spoilers there.

The thing this movie gets right, unlike the recent DC movies that have been a real dog’s breakfast, is they haven’t over-engineered it. Which was the very thing that made Batman v Superman such a mess, Director Zack Snyder just tried to put too much into it.

Wonder Woman is a fantastic origin tale about one of their most timeless characters.

Despite Patty Jenkins being in the director chair for this film it has Snyder’s style all over it. It has the same look and feel we were introduced to in Man of Steel that was carried through into dawn of Justice and the battle scenes, particularly early on in the film are reminiscent of 300.

But Jenkins succeeds where Snyder fails in the story telling department. It’s a tidy two hour origins story that shows exactly how Wonder Woman came to be and why she’s decided to work with Bruce Wayne and pull together the Justice League.

Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman who leaves paradise to save the world and shows innocence, naïveté courage and strength in all the right measures while Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor mansplains to her the evils of the not so modern world. The supporting cast are great too with special mention going to Robin Wright who is fantastic as Antiope and Danny Huston as General Ludendorff.

And while it’s another superhero flick there’s enough substance to get you over the style. It’s got a lot of heart and it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. Also, you can leave the cinema when the credits role, there’s no bullshit post credit scenes to wait around for. In fact there’s no bullshit about any of this movie.

In spite of me waiting for the invisible jet to make an appearance. Although maybe it did… I mean it’s an invisible jet? Maybe it was parked in every scene? Seriously, who was at the meeting when that bullshit was approved… and let’s give her an invisible plane. PERFECT!!! We won’t need to draw a thing. Brilliant.

All bullshit aside, including politics and the ridiculous headlines. It’s just a really good movie. You’ll like it.

But I do wonder, as a fan of a lot of DC characters, and someone who has wanted the latest bunch of DC films to be better than what they were, have I been softened by my experience?

I don’t think so. If anything Wonder Woman has left me excited for the next instalment.

4 out of five.


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