Spiderman already spoiled?

I think Spiderman Homecoming has shown its hand well before release day. Is there really anymore to see here?

Recent takes on the Spidey franchise have shown a lot of promise but fallen well short in the sequel department. I didn’t mind Andrew Garfield’s initial foray in the red tights but ‘Rise of Electro’ was a pile of shit. There’s been a tug of war between Marvel and Sony Pictures for years around screen rights to Spiderman and Sony have held fast through some pretty ordinary appearances. It seems a middle ground was achieved a couple of years back which leads us to where we are today. Some weird, and no doubt overtly complicated deal where each party can now share Spiderman and finally make the film that the fans, and the character, deserve.

There’s gotta be a catch.

Regardless, everyone is keen for Spiderman: Homecoming. Could this be the first consistently decent take on what is arguably Marvel’s most popular hero?

It might! If Sony can keep it in their pants before the premiere. From what I can see in the trailers it seems the entire plot has been revealed.

The Sony preview shows a hell of a lot. Are they shitting in the bag, putting it on Marvel’s doorstep, lighting it and doing a knock and run?

Here’s what we know:

Tony Stark thanks Spidey for helping out during his breakup spat with Captain America by giving him the suit he developed for keeps. Spidey gets bored with everyday crimefighting, wants to move onto bigger things, Stark tells him to hold his horses.

Spidey discovers a new villain in The Vulture, he wreaks havoc, puts people in danger etc. It crescendos in an incident involving a ferry being split in half, Spidey is in over his head, people nearly get killed but Iron Man swoops in and saves the day. Stark gets the shits with Peter Parker and takes his Spidey Suit away. Peter Parker has to find himself, confront the bad guy without all the gadgets and ultimately win the day, thus redeeming himself and setting up an appearance in the next Avengers movie… ‘Nuff said.

What do you think?

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