How did I get here?

Why suddenly decide to be a reviewer? Why now?

Triple J were looking for a film reviewer following the departure of Mark Fennell. They threw it out the the general public and I was given some encouragement from friends. It’s been almost 13 years since I was dumped from a radio job that I truly loved and thought I was ok at.
So I thought “fuck it, I’m old, I should know better, but maybe because I do know better I’ll be in with a chance”.

No. I wasn’t.

But I did enjoy it. So here we are. I did an audition and I didn’t want to stop. Of course the gig went to an incredibly intelligent and articulate twenty something year old millennial girl with a social conscience. And good luck to her, she’s way more suited to that demographic than I ever could be.

It’s kind of like old dudes my age complaining about the fact that Triple J’s music is shit now and that station has gone downhill since we listened “back in the day”. Sorry fellas, I think you’ll find that we just got old.

Apples and oranges people.




Listen to the podcast here.

What do you think?

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